Ratings Guide

When retrieving a report from Jobalyzer, there are two ratings which may be seen:

  • Report Rating: A score on [0, 1] indicating our confidence in the data's ability to support this set of Answers.

  • JobTitleRating: A score on [0, 100] representing our confidence that the matched JobTitle is a good fit for the submitted JobTitle. A higher number is better.

Report Rating

Data that is returned from Jobalyzer is a combination of modeled and raw data. The act of modeling the data allows us to fill in the gaps where the data may be outdated or sparse.

While training this Model, several descriptive statistics around the quality of fit are captured. When a report is generated using this service, those descriptive statistics are combined into a single number - the Report Rating. A Report Rating of 0 indicates that the data may be sparse or conflicting in this particular report, or that the variance of the underlying data is high. This can sometimes happen when the report is too general - see Troubleshooting for more. A Report Rating of 1 indicates that the selected data points are in good agreement with the model, and we have confidence confidence in the report.


When submitting a report without a Confirmed PayScale Title, our service is faced with the difficult task of matching the submitted JobTitle with a Confirmed PayScale Title before running the report. In order to let users know what JobTitle was used for the report in these instances, a Context element is added to the JSON response, shown below:

  "Reports" {},
  "Context": {
        "JobTitleRating": 60,
        "MatchedJobTitle": "Waiter/Waitress",
        "SubmittedJobTitle": "Waiter"

In this instance, the JobTitleRating is a 10s-place-rounded score representing the confidence we have that the MatchedJobTitle is a good synonym for the SubmittedJobTitle, which was submitted in the request. In general, a JobTitleRating at 60 or above is considered good enough to use, although nuances between titles are difficult to capture.

If this is not a good fit, consider modifying the submitted JobTitle or try one of the matching endpoints documented here: Title Matching