Term Definitions

There are some terms used through the service that need to be defined.

Request Answers

  • Answer: A compensable factor, a variable that affects pay. Examples below. While only JobTitle and Location/Country are required in the request, the others will influence the predicted pay.

    • JobTitle: The title of the job. "Software Developer", "Welder", etc.

    • HighestDegreeEarned: The level of education associated with the job. Options are (case sensitive):

      • "Any"

      • "GED or High School Diploma"

      • "Associate's Degree"

      • "Bachelor's Degree"

      • "Master's Degree (non-MBA)"

      • "Master of Business Administration (MBA)"

      • "Juris Doctor (JD), Master of Jurisprudence, or Master of Law (LLM)"

      • "Doctorate (PhD)"

      • "Doctor of Medicine (MD)"

    • YearsExperience: The number of years of experience desired. "1", "5", "11", etc.

    • Skills: A list of skills associated with this JobTitle. ["Python", "JavaScript"], etc. Searchable through /jobalyzer/v2/autocomplete/skills

    • Certifications: A list of Certifications (certs) associated with this JobTitle. ["Notary Public", "Certified Public Accountant (CPA)"], etc. Searchable through /jobalyzer/v2/autocomplete/certifications

    • AverageSizeCompetitor: The number of employees for companies that would be competing for this employee. "500", "5000", "5000000", etc.

    • CompanySales: The estimated revenue for your company this year. "3000000", etc.

    • EmployerProductActivity: The Industry that defines the 'competitive set' of companies. Examples: "Software Development", "Software Services", etc.

    • Location: The Country (at minimum) as well as the State and City of the job. Examples:

      "City": "Seattle",
      "State": "Washington",
      "Country": "United States"
      "State": "Colorado",
      "Country": "United States"
      "Country": "Canada"

Other Useful Terms

  • QuestionId: The title of a compensable factor group. Options are: "JobTitle", "HighestDegreeEarned", "YearsExperience", and "Location".

  • Identity: Our authentication system. A user provides a ClientId (their unique product/app ID) and a Secret and the system determines whether the user has permission to access the resource (in this case, the Jobalyzer service).

  • Report Rating: A score on [0,1] indicating our confidence in the data's ability to support this set of Answers. See Ratings for more.

  • JobTitleRating: A score on [0,100] representing our confidence that the matched JobTitle is a good fit for the submitted JobTitle. A higher number is better. See Ratings for more.